How To Activate AMP In WordPress

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     Few months ago Google told that websites with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) would get boost in Google search engine.  If your website has an AMP version then it will load faster in mobile device. You all know webpage load time is a crucial factor in SEO. Faster (Page Load Time) website gets boost from Google and other search engine in search results. 

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Today we will show you how you can enable AMP feature in your WordPress blog and make it faster for your mobile visitors.

1. Login to your Wp-Admin page and Go to Plugins>Add New

 Activate AMP In Your WordPress Blog

 2.  Search “AMP For WP” in the search box. You will find so many plugins there. Look for the Plugin “AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages” by Ahmed Kaludi, Mohammad Kaludi.  

AMP For WordPress Pages

3. Install the plugin and activate it. 

AMP For WP -Accelerated Mobile Pages

4. After activation you will see “AMP” option under your “Settings” option. Click on it.

AMP Activation Guide For WordPress

5.  Under “AMP” you will see so many options like “General” ,  “Page Builder”, “Advertisement”, “SEO” etc. 

How To Activate AMP In WordPress Blog


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  6. For example in “General” option you can load your website Logo for AMP version of your website, you can activate AMP for your pages,posts etc.

Activate AMP In Your WordPress Your Blog

  7. If you are worried about these options then we have a solution for you. Although the options are easy to understand but if you face any problem you can go to their Step by Step Tutorial Page. The developers have written each and every guide (With Screenshot) there. please visit This Page for more detail about AMP.

8. After successfully updating the settings of AMP now check if your website is AMP enabled or not. Simply add “/amp” at the last of your URL. For example to check  is AMP enabled or not we will type in address bar and will hit enter button.

 AMP For WP -Accelerated Mobile Pages 2018

      In the given  picture you can see that AMP has been successfully enabled for our website

 AMP For WordPress -Accelerated Mobile Pages 2018

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