How To Set Up Filters In Your Gmail (With Pictures)

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   Today we will discuss about How To Set Up Filters In Your Gmail. Various spam emails have been sent from various senders to Gmail. Now a days every person with an email id is facing the same problem. Good news is that you do not have to worry so much about this issue. Google has created a filter to protect your gmail. Just follow the written steps and get rid off from unwanted emails easily and quickly.

 1. We were getting too much spam emails from an email id . We just wanted to get rid off from them . So we decided to create a filter to prevent that email to my gmail. You can see ( in the picture given below ) the email id for which we want to  create a filter.

How To Set Up Filters In Your Gmail


2. To create a filter at first open your Gmail and click on “Create a filter” option. You will see the option at the top.

How To Set Up Filters In Gmail


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 3. Now put the sender email id or just the domain name (from which the emails are coming) in the given box and click “Next Step” button. In the filter option you can also specify a particular word also. See the example given below

How To Apply Filters In Gmail

4. After clicking the “Next Step” you will see page like this.

Apply Filters In Gmail


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 5. Here you have the choice what you want to do if an email comes from that sender. You can Archive it, you can star it, you can forward it or you can delete it. Here we want to get rid off from this sender so we will tick “delete it” option only. At last click on “Create Filter” button and you are done.

Apply Filters In Your Gmail Id

6.  After creating filter you will see all the filters under Settings>Filters option. See the picture below: 

Apply Filters In Gmail Id

Hope you all enjoyed this post. If you have any question regarding Gmail Filters or any other questions feel free to comment below.

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