5 Best Google Adsense Alternatives 2017-2018

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   5 Best Google Adsense Alternatives 2017-2018 :

 1. BuySellAds.com

 2. Media.net

 3. Adversal.com 

 4. RevenueHits.com

 5. AdClerks.com

Let us discuss them one by one:

 1. BuySellAds : BuySellAds.com is the best alternative of Google Adsense. BuySellAds (BSA) publishers earn more money than Google Adsense. BSA have lot of big advertisers and that is the main reason all website owners want to become a part of BSA as a publisher. At BSA publishers can sell their adspace on monthly basis or per 1000 impression basis at a very high rate. BSA pays via Paypal (Min. Payout $20), Check (Min. Payout $50) or via wire transfer (Min. Payout$ 500).


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 2. Media.net: Media.net is the second best Google Adsense alternative. Media.net is a Yahoo-Bing Network Ad Programme. They have total 500 employees all over the world. Like Google Adsense Media.net also serves very good contextual ads. They Pay via Paypal/Wire Transfer (Min. Payout $100).


 3. Adversal.com : Adversal.com is another alternative of Google Adsense. To get approved from Adversal your website must have minimum 50K page views per month. They do not accept any adult or illegal content website. If you have any mobile app then you can also apply for Adversal. They pay via Paypal (Min. Payout $20), Wire Transfer (Min. payout $ 250) or ACH (Min. Payout $100). They paid 35 days  after the close of the month.

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 4. RevenueHits.com: Revenuehits.com is a very popular company. They have 20,000 publishers and 5,000 advertisers all over the world. RevenueHits offers various type of ads like : banner ad,button ad,Pop Ads,Shadow Box Ads etc. Anyone can join their network. They offer various pricing model like : CPA,CPI,CPM etc. They pay on a net 30 days basis. They pay via Paypal (Min. payout $20), Payoneer (Min. Payout $ 20) and via Wire Transfer (Min. payout $500).

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 5. AdClerks.com: AdClerks.com is one the best Adsense alternative. They are very similar like BuySellAds. Your website must have 100K impression per month to get approved by AdClerks. We are using Adclerks into our websites and we are very happy with them. They pay via Paypal only (Min. payout is $25). They pay all the pending payments on 7th of every month.

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