How To Activate Cloudflare For A Website

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 In this tutorial we will show you how to activate Cloudflare Service for a particular domain name from your hosting account. Here we will use SiteGround as our hosting. 


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  What Is Cloudflare?  

  Cloudflare is a USA based company;  it is a content delivery network . Currently they have It has 115 data centers around the world and they are rapidly increasing it day by day.  Cloudflare simply clones your website and distribute it over all its data centers. When someone searches your website they deliver your website from the closest data center thus it helps to reduce the website load time . As you all know Google counts website load time as a ranking factor; so by using Cloudflare you will get extra seo benefits. Cloudflare also protects your websites from online attack (DDoS attack etc).

 Now a days all major web hosting companies offer Cloudflare to their customers via their Cpanel. Cloudfalre activation is very simple from your Hosting Cpanel. Cloudflare offers both free and premium plans. If your website gets more than 100K visitors per month then only use their premium plan. Here we will activate cloudflare Free Plan for a wordpress website . Just follow these steps given below:

 1. Go to your hosting Cpanel and look for Cloudflare and click on it

How To Activate Cloudflare For A Domain

 2. Here you will see the domain names without Cloudflare. Just click on “Activate Free” button to activate Cloudflare. 

How To Activate Cloudflare For WordPress Site

  3. After clicking the button you will see a Pop up command like the given picture. Just click on “Yes” button to proceed. 

How To Activate Cloudflare For WordPress Website

 4.  Now you will see your domain under “Domain With Active Cloudflare” area

How To Activate Cloudflare For WordPress Websites

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 5. Please make sure that after activating Cloudflare your WordPress website must be opened only through www. If it does not open with www. then go to your wp-admin page then go to Settings>General Settings and add www. to both  places { “WordPress Address” and “Site Address” }.

Cloudflare Activation Tutorial

   If you still face problem then I would suggest you to contact your Hosting Support Team. I faced some problem in past regarding my Cloudflare activation and SiteGround Team solved the problem within 15 minutes. If you have any question regarding Cloudflare you can post it in our comment box section. We will be happy to help you.

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