How To Become A Successful Blogger And Make Money

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       Today we will discuss about how one create a successful blog and can make money from it. Remember to become a successful blogger you don’t have to be a big blogger who builds a  company and makes money by blogging.

    6 Necessary Steps To Become A Successful Blogger  In 2017-2018 :

 1.  To become a successful blogger at first you have to buy a domain and a Hosting Plan. We will suggest you to go with SiteGround Hosting Company . SiteGround is one of the cheap and best hosting company.  We are using SiteGround from a long time and we do not have a single problem with them. To know more about SiteGround you can read my post  Best WordPress Hosting For Your Blog .

 2. If you are serious about blogging and you want to create a quality blog for you then we will suggest you to make your website with WordPress CMS. WordPress is the best platform to build any kind of website. SiteGround Hosting Company has an auto installer script for wordpress . We have a tutorial on that; you can read  How To Install WordPress to know the steps.

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3. Choose the topic of your writing wisely. Before writing any topic just think about the demand of the topic. For example if you are writing about exam related news & updates or you are writing about Technology/Mobiles etc then you will get more visitors to your website. We will suggest you to cover as many topics as you can. Try to write three to four good quality posts per month. If you want to be a successful blogger then you have to maintain regularity about posting new article.

 4. Increase your social presence. To do that you have to create your website Facebook fan page, Google plus page and Twitter page. Good social presence of any website gets boost from Google Search Engine (Gets more visitors from Google search).

 5. After getting a decent amount of traffic now it’s time to make some money from your blog. There are so many options  to choose from. You can earn decent amount of money by showing Google Adsense Ads into your website. Read our post to know  How To Get Google Adsense Approval . You can also apply for BuySellAds  , AdClerks  or you can participate in any Affiliate Marketing Programme and make good amount of money from your blog.

 6. Many blogger offers Giveaway . Many of you have surely seen this and some of you maybe participated in this. Giveaway is a very good idea to attract more visitors to your website. By giving free products to your reader you are building a log term relationship with them.

    Please remember nobody can be a successful blogger overnight. Patience pays always. Just continue your writing and follow the above written steps; surely you will achieve your goal soon.

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