How To Insert Ads In WordPress Post

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    In this post we are going to show you how to insert any Ad Code into your wordpress post. There are so many ways by following which you can insert advertisement into your wordpress post. The best way to show ads in your post is to install a plugin named “Insert Post Ads”. This plugin has been developed by famous website . Just follow the written steps given below :

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 1. Go to Plugins>>Add New

 2. Type “Insert Post Ads” in the search box; install and activate the plugin.

Insert Post Ads Plugin Review

 3. Now go to Post Adverts>>Settings

Insert Adcode Into WordPress Post

 4.  Under settings you can control your ad settings. You can decide  whether you want to show your ads in posts & pages or not.

Insert Google Adsense Adcode Into WordPress Post

 5. Now go to Post Adverts>>Add New to create your ad. Just paste your Ad Code in the given box and click on “Update” button . Here you can show your ad After Content, Before Content or after a fixed paragraph.

Insert Adsense Adcode Into WordPress Post

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6. In this way you can show any advertisement inside your wordpress post at various locations. As you can see in the picture the advertisement is shown after a fixed paragraph.

How To Insert Adsense Ads Into Your WordPress Post

  If you have any query or suggestion about this topic please feel free to comment in the comment section below. We will try our level best to help you.

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