How To Resize Google Adsense Ads

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Google Adsense is one of the best program by using which webmasters can earn unlimited money. Today we are going to show you how you can resize your adsense ads according to the screen size without the help of any plugin.

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 Following thsese steps written below:

 1. Login to your Adsense account and go to “My Ad” section

How To Resize Google Adsense Ad

2.  Under “My ads” click on “Ad Units”

How To Resize Google Adsense Ad Unit

3. Under “Ad Units” click on “New ad unit”. 

How To Resize Google Adsense Ad Units

4. Under Name section give  the ad unit a name. Under “Ad type” option choose “Responsive” from the dropdown menu. Leave other fields as it is.

Resize Google Adsense Ad Units

5. Click on “Save and get Code” button.

Resize Google Adsense Ad Unit

6. Now copy the adcode; open your notepad and paste it into notepad. 



How To Insert Adsense Adcode

7. Now look at the adcode carefully; look for the code : data-ad-format=”auto”

How To Insert Adsense Ads

8. Suppose you are using this adcode on the right sidebar of your website and you want to display a rectangle adsize in all devices like computer,laptop,tablet,mobile etc. All you have to do is to change the “auto” option to “rectangle” like the picture given below.

How To Insert Google Adsense Ads

9. By changing the code from “auto” to “rectangle” your adsense ad will always show rectangle ad according to the screen size. For example if you are viewing that adcode from a computer you will see  large rectangular ad but if you see that ad from a tablet or mobile you will see a medium size rectangular ad. Now if you write “square” in place of “auto” then you will always see a square ad according to the device. Remember this adcode changing does not violate any Google Adsense Program policies.

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10. After changing the adcode simply paste it into your desired location and enjoy. If you have any question regarding Adsense please feel free to comment below.

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Fawad Khan

Hey bro please tell me about the hosting account approval, i applied adsense for content from my hosting account, it gave me a code which i have to put in , i pasted it but no mail nothing, it has been 6 days now.