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Today we are going to discuss about a new Ad Network  named . In past it was also known as . is a best alternative to buysellads or Google Adsense program. 

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Now a days getting approved by is really a tough job. To get approved by BuySellAds your website must have atleast 100K visitors per month; so small/medium website owners never get approval by Let’s take a look about :

 1. On their website they wrote that to be approved by them your website must have 100K pageviews per month. But websites with 10K–20K pageviews or websites with lower pageviews  are getting approved by them. This is really a great relief for any publisher.

2. They prefer responsive websites; so before applying be sure you are using responsive template.

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3. Like you can rent your adspace on monthly basis . 

4. They have a large number of advertisers with them. So your adspace will not be left blank for a long time. 

5. only take 25% commission from publishers.

6. AdClerks pays your earning via PayPal only; minimum withdrawal is $25. 

7. If someone buys your adspace you will instantly receive an email from AdClerks team.

8. Like BuySellAds they do not accept adult websites.

9. They have a strong customer care team. They response your query very fast.


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 I will suggest you all to try They are new and they are doing very well now a days. They are constantly improving their websites. is the best BuySellAds alternative to me. Please feel free to share your experience with us. 

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