How To Improve SEO of Your Website

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 Today we are going to discuss about SEO or Search Engine Optimization. What is SEO? SEO is the technique to improve the quality of traffic of your website. Basically SEO makes your website more visible into search engines like Google,Bing,Yahoo etc.

 How To Improve SEO? Let’s discuss about few Tips by following which you can improve your ranking into major search engines.

1.  “Content Is King”:  According to Google “Content Is King”; that means they prefer good, quality content from you. Never  write any duplicate content into your website or Google will penalize you  and you will never find your website in search results.

2. Use WordPress To Build Your Website: Always try to build your website using wordpress CMS. WordPress is a very powerful content management system. WordPress CMS is strongly optimized  for major search engines. 

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3. Theme Matters: Your theme matters to Google and other search engines. If your theme is not SEO optimized then you will not get enough visitors to your site. If you are a wordpress cms then I will suggest you to go for MyThemeShop Themes. MyThemeShop (MTS) offers both free and premium wordpress themes. Use MTS themes, these themes are very seo friendly. 

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4. Website Speed: You website speed matters a lot to Google and Bing. Try to minimize your website load time. Reduce your images size and try to avoid using of flash media into your website.

5. Add Your Website To Google Search Console: Add your website to Google Webmaster Tool/Google Search Console. It will give your website extra boost in Google search results. 

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6. Use All In One SEO Plugin : Those who are using wordpress do not forget to install “All In One SEO” plugin. It is one of the best SEO plugin I have ever seen in my life.

7. Social Presence: Your social presence matters too. Create your website Facebook Page,Twitter Account and Google Plus Page and regularly promote your website there.

8. Build Responsive Website: Responsive/Mobile friendly websites are getting better attention from Google. So try to build a responsive website. If you are using wordpress then make sure your wordpress theme is responsive.

9. Broken Links: Broken links could be very dangerous for your website. If you have large number of broken links then Search engines can punish your website.Use Google Search Console and find out your broken links and remove them.

10. Use Long Tail Keyword : Use long tail keywords for each of your post. If you use Long Tail Keywords in your website posts then it will boost your visibility in search engines. To find out Long Tail keyword either you can use “Google Adwords” (100 % Free) or you can buy “Long Tail Pro”.

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