How To Get Google Adsense Approval

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   Today we will discuss about some simple tips by following them your website will get quick approval for Google Adsense Programme. If you wants to make money from your blog or website then Google Adsense Programme is perfect for you. You can earn as much as you want from this Programme. You just have to write unique article (No copy paste) and you are done. There are so many bloggers who are making six figure income per month from Adsense alone. Before applying for Google Adsense Programme just follow the given tricks written below:

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 * Write unique content on your website. Do not include any copyright material/article on your website/blog.  The   Topic of your website might be similar but you have to write article with your own words.

* Before Applying for Google Adsense Programme make sure your website/blog is fully complete and live. Google never approves under construction website/blog.

 * Minimum age required to join for Google Adsense Programme is 18 years. If you are below 18 years old Google will never approve your application.

 * If your website had been rejected earlier by Google Adsense Team then before applying again just try to focus on the main reason why they rejected your website and try to rectify it asap.

* Google never approves adult or illegal website. So if you want to get approved by Google do not include them on your website/blog.

* Try to build your website using simple theme. Focus on the website load time of your blog. 

 * If you are from Asia then your website age should be atleast 6 months old before applying for Google Adsense Programme.

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* The applicant name,address and blog owner’s name and address should match. If Google Adsense Team find any difference between them they will never approve your blog.

* Never ever buy any Adsense Account from anyone.

* Before applying for Google Adsense Programme try to write atleast 15 unique quality article. If you have enough time you can write each day a fresh article. The more quality article you have on your website the more chance you have to be selected by Google Adsense Programme.